Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Week Down!

Today was the first day of my second week.  So far so good.  We have our first lab tomorrow on asepsis.  We get to practice making and keeping a sterile field.  We also have to practice washing our hands the correct way.  Other than that we have been sitting through a lot of lecture.  The awesome thing is that we are rarely in class the whole day.  Tomorrow I only have to be there for two and a half hours!  I get out of school at 10:30!  How amazing is that?  No job, and I'm not even in school all day. 

I will say the reading is killing me.  How am I supposed to read all of the stuff they give us?  It's obnoxious.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to skim and not read.  There's a "how to study" workshop on Friday and I think I will be attending.  I really need some skills if I'm going to get this stuff in my head.

The only thing that sucks is that it seems all of my free time is now gone.  Except for the weekend.  I draw the line when the weekend comes.  S thinks that I need to have my head in the book all the time. 

I was able to go out and get some new shoes.  Seeing as I need all white tennis shoes, I wanted to make sure I bought something super comfortable.  I also picked up some seemless, neutral toned underwear so you can't see anything under my WHITE scrubs.  White.  Why are they making us where white scrubs?  That's like asking to be stained!  I tried on some scrubs.  Jeez they are expensive!  There's one more store that reportedly has pretty low prices that I need to check out.  We don't need scrubs until week 10 anyway. 

Oh and I almost forgot.  We don't even go to class for all five days.  Usually we have Fridays off unless we want to go to optional open lab.  Read optional.  Then we have select days of the week off.  We have Thursday off this week.  Next week we are only in class Monday and Wednesday. 
I'm pretty happy right now.  I'm in nursing school.

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  1. That sounds so exciting! Glad you are enjoying it. Those "days off" sound like reading days which means you read during the week and enjoy your weekends. S can chill out for a bit, soon enough you'll probably be studying all the time!